Strong cooperation: connecting top-level medical resources overseas.


The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between Ivy League International Healthcare Group and Tianjiao Cloud Health was held with grandeur in December 3rd, 2018, in Xi’an.

常青藤国际健康医疗机构合伙人Gregor Conrad先生与天骄雲健康董事长康童女士共同出席了签约仪式,并分别发表讲话,表达了对于双方合作的信心与期待。

Partner of Ivy League International, Mr. Gregor Conrad, attended the signing ceremony together with the CEO of Tianjiao Cloud Health, Ms.Tong Kang, and both spoke respectively, expressing their confidence and excitement about their cooperation. 


The two parties have reached a consensus on matters concerning the general sales agent in provinces of Shanxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, Inner Mongoli.


Tianjiao Cloud Health will be promoting Ivy League International’s medical resources actively in the six northwestern provinces and expanding the channels to reach clients vigorously; while Ivy League International will provide Tianjiao Cloud Health with favorable cooperative conditions and strong technical support. 


In the next few years, both parties will bring the most advanced medical anti-aging technologies of the world, like the German live cell therapy, to high-end clients in the six northwestern provinces.


About Ivy League International Healthcare Group


Ivy League International Healthcare Group, established in 2018, is a high-end platform that strives to provide Chinese families with the top-level healthcare resources globally with branches in Beijing, Hongkong, Taipei, Zurich, Frankfurt, Bonn, and Bangkok. In order to provide our customers with the best quality and the most advanced healthcare services, we have established a stable and long-term cooperative relationship and a convenient channel of cooperation with many renowned healthcare agencies around the world.



About Tianjiao Cloud Health


Tianjiao Cloud Health is the first internationalized healthcare management center with a royal-garden-like environment in China, whose spectrum of services range from healthcare management, medical services, mental and physical recovery, to recuperation. Tianjiao International provides its clients services that are internationally advanced, such as smart medical diagnosis, full-lifecycle management, exclusive 24-hour health management services, and precise extra-early detection, prevention, and intervention therapy.